October 31, 2020

Live stream (watch us piss our pants)


Don't worry, prices are in Mexican Pesos. It's like, $8, so stop bitchin'. And masks are required, you shit-ass, motherfucking babies.

Live from a junkyard, via Mexico City, several satellites, and two guys with "connections."

March 15, 2020

Zebulon early show

Los Angeles, CA

March 14, 2020

Alex's Bar,

Long Behotch, CA

March 13, 2020

Alex's Bar,

Long Behotch, CA

March 14, 2020


Los Angeles, CA


October 26-27, 2019

Shinjuku LOFT,

Tokyo, Japan



September 28, 2019

Gonerfest, Memphis, TN

Watch the King(s) of Budget Rock die on the toilet

June 01, 2019

Wild O' Fest, Mexico City


October 20, 2018

DANTE'S Portland:
Let's Fuck Shit Up

August 11, 2018

The peach is merely a garnish

July 07, 2018

Sjock it to me!

June 30, 2018


April 14, 2018

Box Cars, Bitch!!

Debauch-A-Reno 3!

March 31, 2018

London Calling:

Wrong Number!

Le Beat Bespoke 13!

October 07, 2017

Hee fuckin' Haw!!

Ponderosa Stomp 2017!

June 30, 2017

Time to hide the salame

Festival Beat 25!

February 25, 2017

Motor City BLow-Out!!

Third Man Records

The Mummies will never play in the midwest again, so now's your chance landlubbers.

How much is the show?


October 30, 2016

Big Deal.

Funtastic Dracula Carnival XI

October 25, 2016

Out the way, douchebag!

The Kings of Budget Rock are coming to town. Brooklyn town.

Music Hall of Williamsburg

June 25, 2016

Yeah, again

Burger Boogaloo

March 2016

Antipodal Shit-Show

Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington, Pitcairn!

Be there, or don't.

February 27, 2016

It's 3AM, Where's Your Mom?

Maybe she's at the Elbo Room with other old people, watching The Mummies.

December 5, 2015

Good Vibrations 2

Bruno's finest get all Hee Haw up in that shit. Hotel Vegas, Austin

October 23, 2015

Budgetrock™ Ice Capades!

Frisco's favorite ethnic band get urban in Beautiful Downtown Burbank's Pickwick Gardens

July 19, 2015

Hellzapoppin' At Dante's!

The Kings of Budget Rock™ show off their sixpacks to the city of Portland.

July 4, 2015

Patriot Act

The Kings of Budget Rock™ celebrate the right to bear arms at Oakland's Mosswood Park, across the street from Kaiser (you know, just in case).

September 10, 2011

Fuck the 7-10 Split

The Kings of Budget Rock™ hit Oslo for the 2011 Gutterball, cuz that's how they roll.

September 6, 2011

Sucker Punch @ The Knockout, SF

The Mummies get intimate with The Hondettes—and everyone else, in the world's smallest nite club. Wear white shoes for a special surprise treat. Things will get out of hand...

November 18 & 20 2010

The Mummies Go Brazilian!!

Wax on, wax off. The Kings of Budget Rock™ head south of the equator to take care of that winter bush--oh, and play a couple shows while they're at it: 18/11 (that's crazy-style for November 18th) at the Clash Club in São Paulo and 20/11 in Goiânia at the 16th Goiânia Noise Festival.

August 20 2010

New Mummies 45!!

¡Cabron! The first new Pre-B.S. record since 1992! That's right: hot on the heels of Supercharger's Icepick single comes the deadest sounds from 30 Westline since El Niño got all up in our shit.

This new Mummies record will be sold only at the show. Which show...?

This one fool:

The Mummies Only Northwest Show!

This summer marks the return of the Kings of Budget Rock™ to the Pacific Northwest, after a 20-year long restraining order. "Portland may be stupid enough to give us a second chance, but we know enough to leave the engine running."

Advance tickets were available here. Get 'em before they're gone and you find yourself trolling the casual encounters section on Craigslits for some at twice the price (plus a case of genital herpes), or don't, and go do something else.

October 31 & November 1 2009

The Mummies Take Tokyo!!

Yabai, cretins! The original cheapskates of the music & entertainment world spend a weekend eating squid balls and playing the two-night, 20th anniversary celebration of the "Back From The Grave" festival, with apparently every band in Japan.

October 24 2009

The Mummies bring the BUDGET to the BudgetRock Festival!

That's right, the guys who appropriated the Budget Rock™ name for their own festival finally get the originators of the 'sounds of fiscal responsibility' to show the kids how to rock--at cut rate prices. As much as the losers in Frisco aren't worth it, The Mummies are insisting on $5 tickets. To top it off, the boys are playing dubble-trubble on the same night! That's right: show #1 at the Bottom of the Hill, then it's run down the street to play show #2 at Thee Parkside! Never been done before (at least not by The Mummies).

June 22 2009

Mission Accomplished...

This was a test. This band has conducted a test of the Emergency Budget Rock System™. This was only a test. The Mummies in voluntary cooperation with federal, state and local authorities have developed this system to keep you informed in the event of a Budget Rock™ Emergency. Had this been an actual emergency, the shows played last week would have been followed by some kind of additional horseshit. This concludes our test of the Emergency Budget Rock System™.

June 9-16 2009 *

The Mummies Storm Sardinia!!

Billed as a "rock n roll adventure holiday" and purportedly taking place "on the coast somewhere in the woods," the Mummies will be playing--and possibly running for their lives like some kind of Eye-talian Blair Witch Project. *Eight (8) nights of 25+ bands, with the Kings of Budget Rock™ appearing at some point (no, we're not playing 8 nights in a row). More music than you will ever need to hear for the rest of your life. For more info, visit the PRICKLYpeaBOWLS site.

June 13 2009

The Mummies Atttack Paris!!

Apparently Fifty Million Frenchmen Can Be Wrong. The boys play the Born Bad Festival, celebrating 10 years of Born Bad Records at Le Trabendo. Heads will roll.

June 10 2009

The Mummies Eat Brooklyn!!

There goes the neighborhood. Budget Rock's™ best ethnic band pulls squatter's rights in Park Slope @ Southpaw.

June 9 2009

The Mummies Invade Hoboken!!

Remember that show in Spain last year? That one and only show we were gonna do? Yeah, well we lied. And if you don't like it, put yer ear buds back in and go listen to yer Bob Fuckin' Dylan again.

Back by popular demand, the Kings of Budget Rock™ will be pulling dubbble-trubble on June 9th 2009, at the scene of the last U.S. Mummies show (back in '91). That's right, count 'em: TWO sets. Those slave drivers at Maxwell's really know how to extract that pound of flesh. And all on account of a silly little misunderstanding about a bar tab. Fer Chrisssakes! That was 18 years ago, guys! Cut us a little slack!!

October 10 2008

The Mummies Are Back!!

That's right, after 15 years of incessant nagging by every Tom, Dick and Larry, someone finally convinced the boys to travel forward in time to 2008 to play a show. Needless to say, the boys were appalled at the state of the future we all live in. Where are the flying fucking cars like in Blade Runner?! What the hell kind of future is this shit anyway? What, the best you can do is eBay? What happened to all the cheap equipment? Where did Thrift Center in Hayward go?! Where's Savers next to Thrift City in Redwood City?! Oh shit... where the fuck is Thrift City???

So this is what happens when we call it quits. We give you all the keys to the fucking kingdom, and you fuck it all up. This is worse than Chuck riding up to the statue of liberty at the end of the Planet of the Apes. What did you assholes do to the future? God Damn it!!

This is why we have to come back to the future. And after we play this show, we're going to crawl back into our tiny little time machine, go back to safe-and-sane 19-fucking-89 and buy up all the Farfisas, Silvertone 1484's, Vox and Framus guitars and destroy them all!!!

Oh yeah, and this ain't no bullshit. We really are playing on October 10th, 2008. Once. One fucking show. Uno. Got it? If you ever want to see The Mummies LIVE, this is your one and only chance. Tickets apparently went on sale in June.

Oh yeah, there's one last hitch: the show is in Spain, amigo. So start saving up for that plane fare, and remember, no more than 3 oz of liquid on the plane, so empty out your colostomy bag prior to boarding.

Estrus Records presents:

THE MUMMIES "Death By Unga Bunga!!" CD ES2100

In 1998, Budget Rock™ headquarters in John Daly City, California tumbled into the God Damn Pacific ocean as a result of the El Niño storms, claiming the lives of two of The Mummies and the entire Pre-B.S. archive of original master tapes. Now, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, the two surviving members of The Mummies have traveled back in time to right this terrible tragedy--they've rescued the master tapes.

For the first time ever: 22 tracks of pure fool's gold, like you've never heard them before... now, with bass! That's right. Apparently, The Mummies did have a bass player, as these master tapes have revealed. Listen and marvel at the Kings of Budget Rock™ as they define what was to be a world-wide revolution of retardo rock. Slopehead slop like 'Food, Sickles & Girls' and 'I'm Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight' and barnyard classics such as 'Zip A Dee Doo Dah' and 'Stronger Than Dirt.'

Yup, 22 tracks culled from their now ridiculously overpriced, collector's item 45's, including a very special, never before released, hide-the-salami hidden bonus track... The Mummies say "Fuck vinyl, 'cause this CD shit is soundee so good." So what are you waiting for, jackass? It just don't get any easier than this.

Available 11/04/2003


Upcoming shows


The Mummies on CD?!


We just found out our "Never Been Caught" LP is out on CD! CD!! Those pricks at Telstar! What's next, a CD release on Estrus? Jesus Christ!

We're all flying to New Jersey on the 22nd to straighten this shit out. What a mess... All we can tell you is heads are gonna fucking roll over this.

Don't buy this CD. CDs suck, you asshole.

Not only is Telstar screwing us, but we just found out Shane White wrote the new goddammed liner notes! What a fucking backstabbing motherfucker. Remember when Shane and the singer vowed they'd kill each other if they ever ran into each other again? Well, the singer just took off for Shane's apartment! Man, this is gonna be good...

Telstar didn't even have the decency to send us one single fucking copy. We had to go buy one of the damn things ourselves.


OK, so what the hell is it? Well, what you've got here is a reissue of the one that started it all.

"Never Been Caught" was originally released in 1992. Yeah, it's been 10 years! Not only did those bastards at Telstar put all 17 original tracks on the CD, they added the entire fucking "Planet Of The Apes" single, "Your Love" taken from the B-side of the "Stronger Than Dirt" single, and "Uncle Willie" from the Turban Renewal LP, for a total of 22 tracks! Really man, WHAT THE FUCK?!

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